All About Agvani Resorts: A Luxury Wildlife Resort

India’s royal state of Rajasthan is privileged with countless wildlife destinations, of which Bera, also known as Jawai, is the capital of leopards. Bera and Jawai are the two names of one of the most breathtaking wildlife destinations. Bera is a quaint village where people live cordially with wild beasts, and this is the most interesting fact. Jawai is the name of the complete area where wild animals, birds live, and a tribe, so Bera falls under the Jawai region.
Situated in the lap of the majestic Aravalli range of western Rajasthan in the Pali District. This area is mainly famous for wildlife activities, adventures, and the beautiful landscape hosts a diverse ecosystem. If you plan a visit to Jawai or Bera, then be ready to indulge in these most exhilarating activities in Jawai, which you can enjoy to the fullest.

1. Leopard Safari in Jawai –
Leopards are the most exciting attraction in Bera and Jawai to relish sightings of these elusive big cats by booking a leopard safari in Jawai. The travel operators host this activity twice a day (i.e., in the morning and evening) in a customized 4X4 vehicle, and a safari can complete in 2-3 hours. The quaint village is surrounded by enormous hills formed out of lava millions of years ago.

2. Jawai Bandh Visit –
A stunning dam built with the backdrop of scattered hills and breathtaking natural beauty across the Jawai River is Jawai Bandh. The rugged surreal beauty of Jawai Bandh steals the heart and soul of travellers. One can take a jeep gawking at the dam from a certain distance while viewing the scenic surroundings.

3. Crocodile Sighting –
Home to more than 300 crocodiles, Jawai sanctuary is the only place for crocodile sighting in Rajasthan. Watch crocodiles around the lake in the afternoon to bask in the sun for some time. It is an activity to enjoy in Jawai that is free of cost, and you can see them anytime during the Jungle Safari tour.

4. Bird Watching –
Jawai is also a mecca for birders from across the world. There are a lot of waterbirds at Jawai Bandh like, Lesser Flamingos, Spot-billed pelicans, Glossy Ibis, Common sandpipers, Bar-headed Geese, Brahminy ducks, Painted storks, Little Cormorant, Indian river terns, and more. Other birds around the dam are Stone Chat, pied bush Chat, and Paddy field Pipit.

5. Camping in Jawai –
Abiding in the Jawai Leopard Camps offers the ultimate thrill for adventure seekers who like experiencing the flavor of wilderness in Rajasthan. Lodging comfortably and enjoying star gazing in the campsites would let you enjoy the alluring natural beauty of wildlife and nature. The camps in Jawai offer a wide range of safari tours to travellers to explore the tricky corners of forests.

6. Guided Sunrise Walking Tour –
Agvani Resorts staff members are well-versed in every nook and cranny of the village. Even while roaming around the village, you can spot leopards on foot, enticing enough to make travellers wake up before sunrise. One shall come across several hills, so get ready for a treacherous trek and wear sturdy shoes. Walking around the village could be an enjoyable activity to enjoy in Jawai.

7. Meet the Local tribe –
Rabari tribe, also locally known as Rewari, is an engaging indigenous tribe prevalent in the region. It can be easily distinguished by their unique dress code – a colorful turban, long mustache, and ghagra choli. The tribe is one of such nomadic tribes living in Rajasthan and is renowned for its warm hospitality. The main job of the Rabari men in the tribe is to take care of the cattle, goats, camels, and animals they own.

Conclusion –
With all these, Jawai is stunning, and just visiting it for the unique landscape, scenic beauty, excellent food, and rich wilderness is enough to treat your wanderlust soul.

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