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Jawai Safari Tour: Timing, Entry Fee, Safari, Accommodation, More

Jawai hills are in the Pali District of Rajasthan and are known as Leopard hills. Also, it is an abundant forest embraced in the arms of the Aravalli Ranges. These natural caves were created by molten lava a million years ago and now serve as a home to leopards and many other wild animals. Jawai Safari Tour is organized by many agents or resort owners who are well-versed with the nook and cranny of the region. Jawai is also known as Bera in the local language where people visit to get the best insight into naturally beautiful surroundings. Travel freaks looking for some exciting adventures can take part in the most thrilling safaris in Jawai.

In this article, we shall discuss the Jawai Safari Tour Package comprising the information related to timing, entry fee, types of safaris, accommodation, and more. So, keep reading below –

Types of Safaris:
Leopard Safari– Visit the granite hills of Jawai which are inhabited by leopards. It is one of the places in the world where you can find cave-dwelling leopards and this is why there is a different safari to enjoy sighting them. Jawai is known for its thrilling leopard safari in Rajasthan which excites travellers to flock here and experience the joy. It is an experience that you get to enjoy seeing leopards in their unique habitat of hills.

Crocodile Sighting & Bird watching– Visiting Jawai Bandh will let you see the picturesque beauty of this place, which is a vantage point from where you can get a 360-degree view of the region. Observe the calmness of the river, the enormous hills, and the fantastic landscapes all together from this point. Once you are neat to the water body, spot crocodiles and exotic bird species.

Tribal Safari – Jawai is home to the Rabari tribe for many long years and their proximity to leopards and other animals doesn't prevent them from taking their cattle for grazing in the jungle. The human inhabitants of this region belong to the Rabari tribe which depends mainly on rearing cattle, farming, pottery, and the production of milk.

Best time for leopard safari –
The best time of the year for a leopard safari in Jawai is from November to April. The winter months till February are good for bird photography at the Jawai dam. Flamingos and pelicans are some of the key bird species that you can find here in Jawai. One can make the most of this experience by coming to this place and having a thrilling tour of Jawai.

Safari Timings:

- Leopard Safari: 6:00 Am & 4:00 Pm (Private Gypsy)
- Bird Watching & Crocodile Sighting: 8:00 Am (Private Gypsy)
- Village Safari: 10:00 Am (Private Gypsy)
- Jungle Safari Night: 10:00 Pm (Private Gypsy)

Safari entry fees:

- Morning leopard safari: 4000/- INR for private gypsy (1 to 6 people); 1000 INR per person for sharing gypsy (1 to 6 people)
- Evening leopard safari: 4000/- INR for private gypsy (1 to 6 people); 1000 INR per person for sharing gypsy (1 to 6 people)
- Morning Jungle Safari: 5000/- INR for private gypsy (1 to 6 people); 1500 INR per person for sharing gypsy (1 to 6 people)
- Bird Watching & Crocodile sighting: 3000/- INR for private gypsy (1 to 6 people)

Accommodation options:
Agvani Resort in Jawai is well-managed by locals of Jawai, who offer the ultimate experience of Jawai. They provide thrilling leopard safaris along with new adventures every day, such as a Jawai Dam visit, crocodile safari, village walk, migratory birdwatching, trekking, hiking, tribal life and culture experience, and more. They offer luxury lodging in a tent and suit with traditional Rajasthani meals and sightseeing options. You can chase the opportunity to learn about the traditions and cultures of Tribal people, the lifestyle of villages, and the scenic spots of the Aravalli Ranges. See the mighty big cats roaming freely around the forest.

Conclusion –
Now that you have got all the information about the Jawai Safari Tour Package, plan your memorable holiday at Agvani Resort. Experience the rich heritage cultures and traditions of Jawai while enjoying a family-friendly holiday in Pali. So, gear up your essentials and head out for a remarkable holiday trip in Rajasthan.