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Activities in Jawai

Blessed with intense wildlife and nature, Jawai in Rajasthan boasts the best experience on wildlife trips in Rajasthan. Alongside rich flora and fauna, Jawai is in the Pali district of Rajasthan and is considered a perfect place to plan a wildlife getaway. Jawai is a hub of these places' wild species, the big Leopards. The village has everything that makes Jawai a beautiful paradise of nature; therefore, it is currently in trend as one of the most sought-after getaways in Rajasthan. Being considered the top wildlife destination in Rajasthan, there's an emerging number of resorts in Jawai, one of which is the AGVANI RESORT.

So, in this article, we shall discuss everything about Agvani Resort. From its location to facilities, amenities, and activities, we will look at every insight of the resort. So, you can plan a trip to Jawai, stay here, and experience the warm hospitality.

About Agvani Resorts –
A Luxury Wildlife Resort in Jawai, Agvani Resort is rated amongst the top resorts in Jawai Bandh. Settled in the heart of the jungle with the big cats, Agvani Resort is a luxurious wildlife resort in Jawai that features four luxurious tents and six suites. This luxury resort in Jawai conservation reserve is the perfect spot to get closer to nature and wildlife. All the tents in the resort boast a unique personality with diverse themes reflecting the charms of the Indian states. Those who prefer experiencing the luxuries while staying can choose to stay in contemporary suites with excellent amenities. Out of several amenities in the resort, such as a fitness center, plunge pool, and mouth-watering cuisines, its pleasant surroundings and warm hospitality wins the heart. The resort cleverly reflects the rich cultural history except for the rural lifestyle and hits of tribal cultures. Tents in Jawai feature air-conditioning, a dressing, a spacious veranda with forest views, and a separate seating area.

Some Special highlights of the resort:
Romantic Dining – Cherish memorable intimate moments with your special someone while enjoying romantic dining here.
Cocktail – After a sunny day trek, head to the resort and sip down a cocktail. Enjoy beautiful views of granite rock and serene surroundings.
Outdoor activities – Hopping for outdoor activities like Leopard Safari, Crocodile sightseeing, Organic farm visit, birdwatching, etc., will make the day more exciting and happening.

Accommodation Options in the resort:
Luxury Tents –
To experience luxuries during the wildlife stay, travellers can book their Luxury tent at Agvani Resort. The tents have complete amenities like suits in the five-star hotel. These come with all the necessary facilities like a comfortable large bed with soft mattresses, a bathroom, and many other facilities for entertainment like television.

Luxury Suit –
Amenities like AC, dressing rooms, writing tables, chairs, and spacious verandas are available in the Luxury Suit of Agvani. While sitting and relaxing in the comfy bed, you can watch the scenic forest views while enjoying tea or coffee. Experience the utmost relaxation while dwelling in the luxury suite at Agvani Resort in Jawai.

A quick look at the facilities –
Separate sitting area.
Multi Cuisine dining Hall
Tribal dance on request.
Swimming Pool.
24 hours running hot and cold water.
Eco-friendly construction.
Nature walks with the naturalist.
Special theme-based cottages.
Bush dining areas.

Conclusion –
So, this is all about Agvani Resort in Jawai, where you can plan your relishing stay amidst the wilderness. If you haven't yet visited this budding tourist destination in Rajasthan, we suggest you visit Jawai. Experience the rich cultures and traditions of the village where you can enjoy it a lot. For tent booking in Jawai, call us at or drop +91-805-828-1227 an email at [email protected]. We can plan the best Jawai holiday trip for you.