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Wildlife Safari in Jawai Bandh

Wildlife Safari in Jawai Bandh is an outstanding location in the Sumerpur district in Rajasthan. The quaint little hamlet of Jawai has taken its name from Jawai Bandh or Dam which was built on the river. The stunning dam offers a breathtaking view of the river due to its mind-blowing surroundings on the embankment. The enormous granite rocks and hillsides that encircle the entire span add to its splendor. The area is popularly known for its exciting safaris. The main attraction of this place draws many wildlife enthusiasts from across the world.

The elusive leopard cat hides behind the bamboo bushes and awaits their prey, which is nothing else but the livestock of local villagers. The screech of an eagle intermittently breaks the contemplative clam of the skyline. The wily crocodiles stay lazily on the banks of the Jawai River. Moreover, in the range, a herd of deer stops by the neighborhood watering hole to satiate their thirst. This wildlife offers some amazing sights which you may expect when you go on an exciting wildlife safari to the Jawai's forests. The wildlife safari in Jawai Bandh is unlike any other and is jam-packed with thrills and surprises.

Main features of the wild safari in Jawai:

Spying Big Wild Cats –
Jawai is almost referred to as the leopard country of India. The location resides a huge leopard population, which is human-friendly. For a very long time, leopards did not kill human beings which are believed that the goddess showered blessings on the wild cats. Catch a sight of these big cats with your naked eyes and feel immense excitement as you cross your path with these solitary creatures.

With great knowledge about leopards and consideration for these predators, leopard sightings in Jawai could be delightful. The main attraction of Jawai Jungle Safari is to give every traveller a chance to witness Jawai's majestic big cats and observe how predators spend their daily lives. The safari is conducted twice a day, i.e., morning and evening. Tourists can book a suitable slot according to their needs. The safari is carried forward in an open gypsy which is driven by an experienced guide.

Remarking Crocodiles –
During an incredible wildlife safari in Jawai, you can capture the stunning crocodiles on the lakeside of the Jawai River. Going on a crocodile safari in Jawai Bandh provides a memorable experience to travel freaks. It is the most outstanding experience to have and should never be missed in Rajasthan. Enjoy the thrill of getting a close experience with crocodiles in their natural habitat without bothering them at all.

The Jawai River is a place where you can find mugger crocodiles also referred to as the swamp crocodile. The ideal time to observe crocodiles is during the winter season when they emerge from bodies of water to take sunbathe or simply hover a bit above the surface.

Migratory Bird Watching –
Many migratory birds throng in Jawai village throughout the season or especially in winter months, making bird watching a dreamlike experience. One of these locations is Jawai where you may go to spot birds and see exotic animals that will captivate you with their appearance, pace, and adventures. The right time and location are highly desired to have the best possible experience of bird watching. Even during the off-season, Jawai is blessed with a wealth of bird species that are unusual to be seen.

No wonder what is the time of the year or month you visit Jawai, you will have plenty of time to explore and won't be disappointed by what you see. This is Jawai's charming attraction which often mesmerizes onlookers and prevents them from getting bored during Jawai Safari Tour Packages. An ideal time for watching birds in Jawai is between October and March, with more than 100 migratory species.

Sunset Views from Jawai Bandh –
Some of the best sunset views can be witnessed from the Jawai Dam, where the tranquil waters of the Jawai River reflect the hues of the setting sun, creating a beautiful sight. The Jawai Bandh Leopard Camp is another excellent location to witness the sunset, with the rocky terrain and acacia trees forming a picturesque backdrop. For adventurous souls, hiking up to the top of the hills offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the setting sun.

Jeep Safaris Through Hills –
Jeep safaris provide an exciting and adventurous way to discover the flora and fauna of the hills while enjoying the picturesque scenery. Jeeps are typically used for these safaris as they can navigate through rough terrain and steep inclines with ease. Many destinations around the world offer jeep safaris through hills, including the Himalayas, the Rocky Mountains, and the Atlas Mountains. These safaris are often led by experienced guides who provide insights into the local wildlife and natural features, making for a memorable and educational experience.

Conclusion –
In conclusion, a wildlife safari in Jawai Bandh Tour is a must-do for any nature enthusiast visiting Rajasthan, India. The region is known for its stunning landscapes, rugged hills, and unique wildlife, including the elusive leopard. Jeep safaris are the most popular way to explore the area, with experienced guides leading visitors through the hills and valleys in search of wildlife sightings. Agvani Resort offers luxurious accommodations for visitors, and the Jawai Dam is an excellent location to witness stunning sunsets over the tranquil waters of the Jawai River. With its natural beauty and rich wildlife, a wildlife safari in Jawai Bandh is sure to be an unforgettable experience.