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Resorts Near Jawai Dam

Whether you are planning a long vacation or a quick getaway, Jawai is always a mind-blowing travel option in Rajasthan. When planning a vacation, one always gives preferences to the ways to reach, staying options, food, luggage, safety, and more. And the fact is that the no. 1 priority should be given to the stay. As there you can relax after a great day spent in the Jawai Leopard Reserve. No doubt, there are many good resorts near Jawai Bandh, but choosing the best one is quite difficult. One shall get confused by the endless options, so here we've enlisted the top 5 resorts near Jawai Bandh. This lets you easily filter out the best one for you and your family, so check these out here –

Top 5 resorts near Jawai Bandh

Agvani Resort –
The Agvani Resort and Camps in Jawai is one of its kind luxury nature stay, close to Jawai Dam. Being rated as the top resort near Jawai Bandh, Agvani Resort offers the best luxurious stay close to nature and wildlife. Every tent in Jawai boasts a unique experience with its diverse theme, reflecting the hidden charm of the rich Indian cultures and traditions. To experience the best of world-class amenities and contemporary suites, this is the place for you.

Jawai Castle Resort –
A heritage hotel in Jawai Leopard Reserve, Jawai Castle Resort ensures the visitors a mind-blowing experience of staying in traditional décor and fine architecture. It comes with heritage deluxe rooms and suites that have been designed as per international standards. The rooms are quite spacious and come with an attached bathroom, sofa, chair, and king-size double bed.

Thour Nature Resort –
This is the most luxurious resort offering an innovative retreat to visitors looking to revel in the lap of nature. It gives you a chance to have a glimpse of the freed life of crocodiles, leopards, and birds abound in Jawai. Stay in the luxury tents in Jawai accoutered with a luxury bathroom, air-conditioning, and plush bedding.

Jawai Leopard Safari Camp –
One of the best resorts, Jawai Leopard Safari Camp lies on the outskirts of the city. It is a place where you can have a close encounter with the animals and enjoy rejuvenation services and super deluxe accommodations. The accommodation in this camp resort in Jawai comes with all the basic amenities like wi-fi, air-conditioner, television, etc.

Varawal Leopard Camp Resort –
Situated on a private farm of 120 acres near Jawai dam & Bera renowned for offering the highest comfort and convenience. It also offers swiss tents for a wildlife holiday while enjoying a scenic view of the magnificent mountains and the animals roaming freely in the jungle. It is endowed with all modern facilities like a mini-bar, television, and an attached bathroom, making it the best resort near Jawai Bandh.

Why choose Agvani Resort?
- Secure premises of the resort in Jawai ensure your and your family's safety. As the leopards roam freely around the region, the resort makes sure that the wild beasts won't enter the premises.
- Organic & Delicious Food is offered to make guests enjoy the authenticity of Jawai. The resort uses all organically grown food items making it tastes good.
- Privacy in the tent or camp is highly taken care of by the staff of the resort. Whether you are traveling with a partner on a romantic holiday or family on a group tour, you can enjoy the most happening holiday here.
- Professional Rangers/Drivers will ensure your safety on a jeep safari, wildlife safari, village safari, or any other type of thrilling adventure in Jawai. So, you can remain assured of a comfortable voyage here.
- Activities by the resort uplift the overall experience for travel enthusiasts. The resort offers a leopard safari, village safari, nature walk, dam visit, temple tour, bird-watching, crocodile sighting, and much more.
- Amenities in each luxury tent or suite at Agvani Resort facilitate your relaxing stay in Jawai. You can enjoy a comfortable stay in the most soothing environment of the resort.

Conclusion –
Agvani Resort is the best place to stay near Jawai Dam where you can experience the lavishness of nature. So, redefine your sense of luxury and comfort by planning your stay in these premium resorts of Jawai.