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Leopard Safari in Jawai

Behind the enormously developed urban cities, there is still a shade of life in the roots of rural areas that remains connected to mother nature. One such unseen rural region of India is Jawai, where harmony prevails for humans and animals alike. Jawai is indeed a place that allows visitors to dig into the cultural living in the village. Many of us an unfamiliar with the local village lifestyle and how they earn their livelihood, so now it's just to plan a vacation here and enjoy the thrilling Leopard safari in Jawai.

With an adventurous Jawai leopard safari, travellers can explore this wonderland in one shot. If you are aiming for a wildlife holiday that's not just about spotting the fauna but also about unveiling the deep-rooted cultures, then here you go. Even if you are a naturalist with an interest in a little more love for big wild cats, then you need to go on this vacation.

Leopards of Jawai: Behavior & More
Jawai has acclaimed its recognition for its unique ecosystem. Interestingly, humans and leopards here live together in harmony without invading each other's land. Leopards in Jawai are sheltered in naturally formed caves by lava (which occurred millions of years ago). The big cats eat cattle and sheep from the countless herds of villagers. They have adopted a lifestyle where they do not need to hurt anyone to survive. Interestingly, there hasn't been a case of misconduct by leopards in the past 100 years in Jawai. They roam freely here without any worries and it is like a jackpot for any wildlife enthusiast. Other than this, the unvegetated terrain of Jawai comes out with rocky outcrops and leaves no place for the leopards to camouflage. All this makes it very easy for leopard sightings.

Leopard Safari: About & More
Jawai leopard safari in Rajasthan is quite distinctive from the other wildlife adventures in the country. This is why the safaris here are led by locals themselves who have spent their entire life on these terrains. The locals specialize in animals that give exceptional odds of seeing a leopard here. In general, safaris are usually carried out at two times of the day: the morning and evening.

Important to note: According to the conservation efforts by the Rajasthan authorities, private lands in Jawai are restricted to outside visitors. Only the local resort owners are permitted to carry forward the safaris in one-topped 4X4 safari gypsy.

Timings & Charges of Leopard Safari:
When it comes to prices you get a little intimated in terms of a few resort properties in the region. There's no way to worry if you have this adventure with the experts. Agvani resort is a luxury resort offering lavish stays and all the amenities that you could wish for. The safari we offer allows you to take a detailed tour of this place and takes you to all those places from where you can take some exquisite photos with your camera.

From Jawai Dam to the hilltops where you can see the splendid sunset views, we also ensure that you choose the best time of the day to make the most of this leopard safari. Here are the timings and charges –

In summers: Morning – 5:00 am to 8:00 am; Evening 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
In winter: Morning – 6:00 am to 9:00 am; Evening 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Jawai dam safari: 8:00 am to 10:00 am

Best time for leopard safari:
Leopard safari is one such place where you can find the weather to be pleasant all the time due to its strategic location. Since the location of the dam is perfect it comprises a range of hills along with a river, one never feels too hot or too cold in the month when the season is at its extreme. So, there's no specific best time to visit Jawai, you can plan a Jawai tour package any time of the year.

Conclusio –
When it comes to experiencing the wilderness of Rajasthan, then this is your place to go in Jawai. Book a perfect luxury stay in Jawai at Agvani and experience the enriched roots of the local Rabari tribe.