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Jawai Tourism: Best Places to Visit in Jawai

Rajasthan's diversely rich landscape bestows manifold landscapes and cultural lifestyles. From cultural festivities to aesthetic architectural wonders, and vast stretches of desert to rich wildlife, Rajasthan has everything that attracts travellers. The urban cities of Rajasthan are often part of visitors' travelling schedules, while the rural areas offer globetrotters the ultimate experience. The untrodden parts of Rajasthan are incredible because of their cultural living and naturally blissful environment.

Jawai is one such least-explored tourist destination in Rajasthan and is now emerging as an ideal place to move. Whether a family holiday with kids or a romantic trip with a partner, Jawai has the fortune to allure you. A land of wild leopards and Rabari herders, Jawai is where the earth enrich with deep gorges and rich wildlife. While touring Jawai, you can spot leopards and exotic birds and pamper yourself with generosity. If you are planning a holiday in Jawai and wondering, "what are some best places to visit?" here are some of the best suggestions to include in your Jawai Tour Plan. Keep scrolling down to check these out –

Jawai Dam –
Jawai Dam or Jawai Bandh is built on the river Jawai and is about 70 years old dam. It is not the biggest one in Rajasthan but also the most iconic attraction in Bera, Pali. The dam is the one that looks beautiful because of its mountainous backdrop. You can spot crocodiles on the banks of the Jawai River from over the dam. If you are a bird enthusiast, you will surely love spotting the geese and cranes around the dam.

Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple –
Barely 11 kilometers from the center of Jawai, this is another temple attraction in Jawai. It is not just only for the religious flocks in the village but also for adventure freaks. It nestles in the middle of the hills, and the visitors are thrilled with its height and ascent. Here, you can enjoy the annual fair if you plan a visit in November. Those planning to visit Jawai should visit this location.

Dev Giri Temple –
Amid the granite hills of Jawai lies Dev Giri Temple, another tourist attraction in Bera. Visiting this sacred place is not just religious but also a tourist attraction for an adventurous trip. One may also come across leopards or other fauna species, but the interesting fact is that they do not harm human beings. Villagers believe it is because of the blessings that the goddess has bestowed upon them.

Abhinav Mahaveer Dham –
Another religious attraction in Jawai is Abhinav Mahaveer Dham which shows an excellent style of Jain architecture. It is a beautiful place where you can find peace and solitude if you want to stay here. It falls under the periphery of Sumerpur and is considered the most worshipped temple of Jain pilgrims in Rajasthan. The temple is the largest Jain religious site in the royal state.

Jawai Village –
Inhabited by the Rabari Tribe, the Jawai village tour gives you the ultimate experience. The tribe is primarily matriarchal and rears cattle and sells their milk. They earn their livelihood by looking after crops, rare cattle, and other activities. One can notice the quaint village lifestyle and experience the warmth and traditional hospitality of the locals. You might have often heard about the mud houses in villages, and you can see them on a Jawai Village Safari.

Agvani Resort –
Although there are plenty of luxury resorts in Jawai, Agvani is the most beautiful luxury boutique resort to stay in and relax. If you plan a one- or two-day trip to Jawai, you can be amazed at Agvani resort and its hospitable environment. They give the best glamping experience in luxury tents in Jawai equipped with countless amenities and facilities. The staff at the resort takes the best care of privacy, safety, and every penny needs of their guests. With the vastest range of engaging activities, the resort will make your holidays most exciting and happening.

Final thoughts –
Jawai tourism gives travellers an unmatched experience of the authentic village lifestyle. You, as a sightseer, engage in endless exciting activities like leopard safari, camping, birdwatching, village safari, morning tour, and much more. With Agvani, make the most of your holidays in Jawai.