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Best Time To Visit Jawai

If you are planning a trip to Jawai for a wildlife sighting and are unsure about the best time to visit Jawai, Rajasthan. No worries, we have got you here. The ideal time to visit Jawai, Rajasthan is from October to March, as these winter months are more bearable to leopards and other wild animals. Though, in Jawai you can see the big docile cats also known as leopards at any time of the year, as they come out of the caves in all seasons. Another reason for spotting leopards so easily in Jawai throughout the year because of their acquaintance with humans.

Experience the thrill of spotting leopards–
The region around Jawai Bandh is a home to many leopards and offers a thrilling experience. Due to the rich presence of these big cats in the region, travellers get more excited to visit this place to get a thrill in their routine lifestyle. You can chase a high chance that if you visit this location and go on a wildlife safari, you will see leopards in an hour.

It is due to the leopard's growing population, which is already 60 to 70, and the fact that leopards are solitary creatures, making it impossible for them in one location. You may always find a huge cat at this place while lounging on the rocks. According to the locals, they use this method to survey the area and choose where to go on the next hunt.

Explore the wildlife of Jawai–
Are you a naturalist or a wildlife freak? Jawai is a great place to visit in Rajasthan where you can add new things to your memorable experience in wildlife. Going on a wildlife safari at Jawai is unique as you will be able to witness leopards very closely. Despite this, there are other endangered wildlife creatures that you can see during jungle safari. The other animal species like sloth bears, hyenas, wild foxes, crocodiles, and hundreds of species of migratory birds throng to Jawai Bandh in different seasons.

Jawai is a perfect place for those who love spending time amidst nature since it offers breathtaking views of rivers, hills, and jungles. You can learn more about the local's way of living while discovering this interesting place. It is described as being close to an area where leopards and other wild creations are thriving.

Right time for Jawai Leopard Safari–
Even after spending a long time trying to locate them, travellers occasionally must turn around to be disappointed. In Jawai, on the other hand, you won't even need to wait an hour to see a leopard, instead, they stroll around with ease. Leopards in Jawai are quite peaceful that prefer to hunt animals when they are hungry and like to relax. The best time for Jawai Leopard Safari is in the morning when the big cats come out of their caves.

Another reason you won't have to wait for hours to view them here is that their population is growing, they are several enough to see. If you are new to Jawai, you must not be aware of the exact places where you can have a high chance of sighting leopards. Also, Jawai is a hilly region and one may not be a very good driver to ride your vehicle in the hilly region.

Conclusion –
Here, it can be concluded that you don't have to wait for a specific season to come and see the big docile cats. Visitors can visit this location at any time of the year and maximize your Jawai tour package by including other travel attractions. Go on a leopard safari, a crocodile hunt, bird watching, and more amazing things to do in Jawai Bandh. Agvani Resort is one of the best places to stay in Jawai. It can help you assist in planning a trip to Jawai and recreate some remarkable memories of life.