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Best 7 Activities in Jawai

Nestled in the Pali district of Rajasthan, Jawai offers an offbeat getaway to tourists looking for scenic beauty, wildlife, and nature in rural India. Indeed, planning a typical Jawai leopard safari is one of the most exciting things to do here. Though, you will be surprised to know that's not the only crowd-puller for upcoming tourist hotspots in Rajasthan.

Jawai is now being added to many Rajasthan tour itineraries, as travellers love spending time here. Undoubtedly, Jawai gives an unmatched experience for all types of travellers, therefore it has been on the wishlist of everyone visiting Rajasthan. Jawai turned out to be a hidden gem of Rajasthan that one should not miss. If you are seeking what's best to experience in Jawai, then here's a list of the 7 best activities to enjoy. So, let's take a quick look into it –

1. Track leopards in Jawai –
One of the prime attractions of Jawai Tourism is the leopard safari by an open gypsy. There are around 60 to 65 leopards in the region of Jawai Bandh. The millennia-old granite hills have several caves and crevices where these leopards have made their home. What's more interesting is that the Jawai leopards are living in perfect harmony with the human population of the nearby villages. The people in Jawai consider the leopard a sacred deity and any kind of hunting or poaching is looked down upon.

2. Gaze at the spectacular Jawai Bandh –
Jawai is famously known as the Jawai Bandh, which is a dam constructed by Maharaja Umaid Singh of Jodhpur. The construction of the dam has led to the creation of this beautiful reservoir that is soon becoming a popular photography location. The reservoir is no less than a treat to watch in the early mornings due to the mist that covers the surface. A lot of resorts in Jawai offer breakfast or dining set up at one of the beautiful vantage points overlooking the lake.

3. Stay in Agvani Resort –
There are many hotels in Jawai Bandh, but Agvani Resort is the best nature-friendly resort to plan a stay here. They offer a wonderful eco-friendly stay in Jawai amid greenery and serenity. The resort has well-maintained, cozy, and comfortable luxury suites or tents where you can have a private stay with family or friends.

4. Migratory Birding Trail –
During the cool months of November to February, there are over a hundred different species of migratory birds flocking the dam. Several amazing bird species like flamingos, pelicans, varied species of gulls, geese, pochards, pintails, and teals come in large numbers here! If you're an avid bird watcher, then you ought to get on this exciting adventure activity in Jawai.

5. Guided Walking Tour –
Jawai luxury camps conduct several natural walks through the forest. You shall be guided by a local and in some cases, even a guard. The exciting nature walks are an exciting way to spot small creatures such as wild rabbits, foxes, jackals, mongooses, deer, and a variety of birds. Enjoying the walks around generally takes place around sunset for the best spotting.

6. Meet the Rabari Locals –
When you're done spotting leopards in the wild, pay a visit to the local village to see how they live. Their lifestyle is a lot different from the ones in Indian cities and they have the best leopard stories in the land! This activity provides a fun peak into their lives and also supports the local Rajasthani communities in their livelihood. Also, if you get a chance, you can try the local cuisines that are nothing like what we get in the cities.

7. Temple Tour –
While touring Jawai, don't miss out on the many unique temples carved into the granite mountains. These temples are often located a little above the village, so it might involve another hike. Though, you might find a surprise while hiking those temple stairs. No one knows why they visit, but they sit peacefully on the stairs.

Conclusion –
This brings us to the end of our guide to all the incredible things you can do in Jawai. We hope this article helps you plan your Jawai tour package in detail. Book a perfect tour with Agvani resort and indulge in some amazing experiences, the resort offers.